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In my view, we are all on our personal journey through life. Who we are is a product of many factors. Our task is to become ourselves, and to live our lives grounded in compassion and acceptance of reality. Many of us strive to find a path that will allow us to feel alive, connected, and free to express our gifts. But no matter how strong, positive, or educated we are, life can make us feel stuck and trapped. Adding mindfulness practices to more traditional therapeutic approaches can breakthrough intractable personality issues or situations.

It is my passion as a psychologist to partner with clients to find a window in what seemed like a closed room; to find abundance and possibility in what looked like a brick wall. Developing clarity and compassion for the self is a lifelong path and possible for all of us. Relationship challenges, health challenges, a derailed life plan, parenting concerns – all benefit from this approach.


  •     Adults dealing with midlife/aging issues
  •     Adolescent girls with anxiety and/or depression
  •     Gifted adults and adolescents
  •     Adults and adolescents with Attention Deficit Disoder (ADD)
  •     Clients with an interest in mindfulness-based insights
  •     Adults and adolescents living with chronic or acute health challenges
  •     Relationship issues, codependency
  •     Parents – Developing reflective parenting, staying centered
  •     Executive coaching – when character issues or habits are holding you back
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